Problem - Solving and Career Development Course

This basic course is designed for individuals who are looking to enter the workforce and enhance their related to problem-solving and career planning skills. Through this course, you will develop essential skills to tackle workplace problems and plan for your career advancement.

Course Content:

1 - Identify strategies to respond to short and simple workplace problems

  • Learn to identify and select workplace problems, propose effective problem-solving strategies, and review and refine your problem-solving approaches.

  • Gain the skills to address common challenges that arise in the workplace.

2 - Use short and simple strategies for career planning

  • Plan for your career goals by identifying learning requirements, assessing your skills and potential skill gaps, and addressing barriers that may hinder your progress.

  • Develop an individual learning plan and receive valuable feedback from experts or mentors to refine your career strategies.

3 - Use short and simple strategies for work-related learning

  • Prepare yourself for effective learning experiences by identifying your learning needs, preferred approaches to learning, and potential barriers.

  • Set short-term learning goals, employ various learning strategies, and utilize learning support resources.

By successfully completing this qualification, you will acquire problem-solving skills, effective career planning strategies, and the ability to engage in work-related learning. These valuable skills will equip you to navigate the challenges of the workforce and enhance your career prospects.

Join us on this journey of personal and professional development as you gain the confidence and expertise needed to succeed in the dynamic world of work.

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