WorkReady Tech: Basic Computer Skills Course

Embark on a learning adventure with our WorkReady Tech: Basic Computer Skills course. It's perfect for anyone wanting to get comfortable with computers and popular software programs like Microsoft Word & Excel.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your skills, this course will give you the knowledge and abilities to do well in the digital world.

Course Summary:

  • Getting Comfortable with Computers: Learn to move around in the digital world with confidence using our easy-to-follow lessons.

  • Computer Operation Essentials: Discover how to navigate computers, search for files and folders, and perform essential tasks to keep things organised.

  • Organising Files on Your Computer: Keep things tidy by creating folders for easy storage and retrieval of your documents

  • Mastering Keyboard and Mouse Skills: Get the hang of using the keyboard and mouse, so you can navigate digital screens smoothly and accurately.

  • Creating Documents with Microsoft Word: Become skilled at writing and saving documents using Microsoft Word.

  • Impressive Presentations with PowerPoint: Unleash your creativity and wow your audience with engaging presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Excel in Excel: Learn how to make and work with spreadsheets, and become a pro at using Excel.

  • Efficient Email Communication: Make the most of email for clear and organised communication, making your digital correspondence a breeze.

  • Smart Internet Use: Find your way around the internet and use search engines for quick and effective research.

  • Staying Safe and Troubleshooting: Get savvy about computer security and learn how to solve common issues, keeping your digital space safe.


  • Boosting Productivity with Computer Tools: Discover useful tools like calculators, notepads, and screenshot features to work smarter and faster.

By completing the WorkReady Tech: Basic Computer Skills course, you'll establish a strong foundation in computer proficiency that will benefit you in both personal and professional endeavors. Develop the confidence and competence to navigate the digital landscape, opening doors to new opportunities and empowering your success.

Enroll in the basic computer skills course and embark on a transformative journey toward computer mastery. Embrace the power of technology, enhance your employability, and become a proficient digital citizen in the modern world.

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