Workplace Communication Basics Course

This qualification is designed to provide individuals with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the workforce. Whether you are new to the job market or seeking to enhance your employability, this course equips you with the fundamental skills needed for workplace success.

Course Content:

1 Prepare to engage in learning

In this unit, you will identify your own resource and planning needs for vocational training or workplace learning, with the assistance of our expert trainers. We will help you set immediate learning goals based on your specific needs and preferred learning activities. Additionally, we will explore potential barriers to participating in learning and develop strategies to overcome them.

2 Complete personal details on extremely simple and short workplace forms

Master the art of completing extremely simple and short workplace forms with ease. You will learn to understand the explicit purpose of each form and recognize the basic text features associated with them. With structured support available, you will confidently fill in the required fields with highly familiar personal details. We will guide you in checking your completed form for accuracy, spelling, and formatting, ensuring a polished final submission.

3 – Participate in highly familiar spoken exchanges

Effective communication is crucial in any workplace setting. In this unit, we will prepare you to engage in highly familiar spoken exchanges. You will learn to identify the type of spoken exchange, understand the audience and purpose, and acquire formulaic expressions and relevant details for effective communication. Through interactive exercises, you will actively engage in spoken exchanges, employing oral communication strategies and basic non-verbal communication methods. Our expert trainers will provide valuable feedback to help you continuously improve your spoken communication skills.

Join us today to enhance your workforce readiness and develop essential basic skills. Our supportive learning environment and experienced trainers are dedicated to your success. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the confidence and competence to excel in the workplace.

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